Stay At The Royal Oxford Hotel For New Year’s Eve
17/12/2017 13:00PM

New Year’s Eve is looming – do you have plans? Love it or loathe it, December 31st comes around once a year, and whether you choose to stay in or go out, the passing of one year to the next often invokes many sentiments, from happiness, sadness, wistfulness, hope, excitement – and much more! Whether you choose to party on through the night or opt for a quiet night in, the Royal Oxford Hotel may have the answer you are looking for.

Out on the town

If you are looking for a big night out on New Year’s Eve, Oxford is a great place to visit. There’s something for everyone, with many pubs and great restaurants, as well as beautiful and historic sights to see. Why not book to stay with us as part of a group of friends or family? The Royal Oxford Hotel is centrally located, right in the centre of the city, so it makes a perfect base for your family and friends to gather and celebrate from.

No need for a taxi

If you live in Oxford or one of the surrounding towns and villages, you might be coming into the city to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Have you considered how you will get home and how much it will cost? Often the price of a taxi at this premium time isn’t so different to booking to stay the night in the Royal Oxford Hotel, especially if you are sharing a room. Plus, if you choose to stay with us instead of getting a ride home, you won’t have to spend half an hour or more trying to stay awake in a taxi, directing the driver where to go! Plus, if you’re on your own, a night in a hotel room might be the safer option rather than travelling solo.

Eat with us

We’re not just a hotel;Oxford's only Korean restaurant Bamboo is located on our ground floor and offers delicious Eastern cuisine. So if you’re looking for dinner on New Year’s Eve in Oxford, some partying in the city, and a comfortable bed to rest your head at the end of the night, we offer all of that – as well as a tasty breakfast the next day to send you on your way. Bamboo can seat up to 100 customers at a time and there is a private room for up to 20 people, so you could even book a large table or room to celebrate the evening with family and friends before making your way upstairs to bed!

Oxford hotel break

If you’re not keen on dancing until you drop to see in the New Year, the Christmas break is always a good time to take a few days out of your normal routine. So rather than squeezing yourself into a crowded bar on 31st December, why not use the time to take yourself away from it all and book a mini break? Stay in the Royal Oxford Hotel, tuck yourself away from the revellers, get room service from Bamboo, and on New Year’s Day, explore the city sightseeing while everyone else is recovering!

Find out about Royal Oxford Hotel room pricing for New Year’s Eve on our special offers page. You can also book a room online or have a chat to us about any other requirements on 01865 248432.

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