Oxford Reopening: What's Changed?
08/07/2020 15:26PM

If you are planning a visit to Oxford in the near future, you will find a lot of changes have been made to ensure the safety of those visiting the city centre.

This article offers an insight into government advice and guidance for travelling to Oxford during the Coronavirus pandemic.


So, What’s Changed?


Some of the key changes to Oxford from Monday 15 June include:

  • A one-way pedestrian flow system on the busiest streets in the city centre and on Cowley Road to help people maintain social distancing
  • In all shopping areas, temporary signs on street furniture and spray paint stencils on the ground encouraging people to support social distancing
  • Removal of obstructions to the pedestrian flow, including advertising A-boards, busking sites and street trading sites
  • Designated rest areas – Gloucester Green, Bonn Square and Broad Street – to decrease the number of people blocking thoroughfares
  • New bike parking at Park and Rides to encourage people to cycle part of their journey into Oxford
  • Upgraded cleaning regime, including frequent cleaning of bins, bike racks and bus stops



Some tips to consider before travelling:

  • Review or print out the one-way pedestrian flow map so that you can plan your city centre journey
  • If possible, avoid shopping during busy times (such as Saturday afternoons) and use side roads to avoid busier streets
  • Allow longer for your trip – there could be queues to enter shops
  • The Government says people should wear a face covering while travelling, and wearing a face covering is now required on public transport
  • Remember to bring a contactless payment method with you to avoid touching cash or chip-and-pin machines
  • Wash your hands before and after your trip into Oxford


If you need to use public transport, check with your transport operator for the latest travel advice before starting your journey:


The Government has provided further guidance and advice for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Head over to: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/reopening for the full run down.

Stay safe everyone.

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